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Windows 10 pro the best operating system
Microsoft office 365 apps
Microsoft is changing the way the business is done

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AT&T - Microsoft Lumia 950 (Black) - No Contract

The best windows phone the Microsoft Lumia 950 with Windows 10 it works just like a PC

Xbox game console and games

Xbox One

The Microsoft Surface pro is a  tablet but works like PC. Surface is one the best high end tablet that has come out of the market. Microsoft does not manufacture a lot of models. They choose a few but make sure they are head turners. They come in many configuration though. A tablet  that comes with an intel core i7 and 1TB storage - awesome power. It's expensive for a tablet but with Windows 10 it's truly like a PC in terms of what can it do. That's the trend now in technology - everything is getting smaller and smaller but more efficient. All that power and you get to write on the screen with a pen.


I think Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 will make its aim work to set this new standard as a tablet. Microsoft is good at that. They've replaced the mainframes. Lumia 950 works like a PC with Windows 10.  

We have different kinds of subscription for Office we are pretty sure we will find one for you...

Microsoft is changing the way business is done. Go mobile.

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The Apple iPad Air 2 takes tablet technology to a whole new level. Only 6.1mm, this ultra-thin iPad has a re-engineered 9.7" Retina display with 2048 x 1536 resolution for crisp images. Features include an 8MP iSight camera, better-than-ever FaceTime HD camera, 64GB capacity, faster WiFi connectivity and a battery life of up to 10 hours. Download your favorite apps to experience all your favorite media, from streaming movies to devouring eBooks to playing music, with the ultimate portable convenience. Color: Silver. The best tablet in the world.

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The Microsoft Surface pro 4 is a  tablet but works like PC

The Microsoft Surface pro 4 is a tablet but works like PC

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Microsoft is changing the way the business is done

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